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* All times listed are Eastern.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Held at the UNCLASSIFIED, public release level

  10:25-10:30 Opening Remarks: Dr. Joe Comberiate (SEASONS 2020 Chair)
Session 1 10:30-11:40 National Perspectives on Space Weather
Col. Gary Kubat (Acting Director of Air Force Weather) - Keynote
Dr. Louis Uccellini (Director of the National Weather Service) - Keynote
Dr. Seth Jonas (EOP/NSC)
Session 2 11:40-12:30 Ionospheric Specification and Forecasting (Invited Talks)
Walt Everetts (Iridium) - Constellation Operations and How These Can Support Civil/Commercial Partnerships.
Sage Andorka (USSF/SMC) - Operations to Research "VALLEY OF DEATH" for the Operational Space Weather Mission - An Update
Pat Dandenault (APL) - DoD Arctic Strategy: Next-Generation Space Weather Modeling
LUNCH 12:30-13:30  
Session 3 13:30-14:30 Distributed Data Support for Operations (Panel Discussion)
Panel Chair: Dr. Jim Spann (NASA)
Panelist: Elsayed Talaat (NOAA), Rachel Hock-Mysliwiec (AFRL), Terry Onsager (NOAA), Dan Baker (LASP)
Session 4 14:30-15:10

Space Weather Missions, Tools, and Decision Aids: Existing Products and Future Needs (Lightning Talks)

  • LTC Diana C. Loucks (West Point) – Developing Leaders of Character through Space Weather Education & Applications at West Point
  • Adam Hoxeng (West Point) – Assessing the viability of ESRI's ArcGIS Pro as a new Method for data interpolation, analysis, and visualization of ionospheric data from Incoherent scatter radars
  • Andrew Constable – Correlating Variations in Solar Wind with Substorm Activity
  • Anastasia Osborne (West Point) – A Study of Space Weather
  • Petrus Martens (Georgia State University) – Solar Flare Benchmark Dataset for Space Weather Forecasting
  • Iwan Cornelius (Amentum Aerospace) – A Python implementation and web API to the Matthia model of Galactic Cosmic Radiation
  • Kevin Forbes (CUA) – Are the Operators of the Electric Power Grid Prepared for a Carrington Level Geomagnetic Storm? Evidence from the Netherlands
  • Denny Oliveira (NASA) – Understanding and predicting extreme orbital drag using historical magnetic superstorms


Thursday, November 5, 2020 (Held at the UNCLASSIFIED/NOFORN level)

Day 2 of SEASONS will require verifying your US citizenship with either a visit request or the citizenship. See more information on the "Who Can Attend" page.

  10:25-10:30 Opening Remarks: Dr. Joe Comberiate (SEASONS 2020 Chair)
Session 5 10:30-11:30 DoD Space Weather Operations
Mr. Michael Dickey (USSF Chief Architect) - Keynote
Col. Patrick Williams (USAF 557th WW Commander) - Keynote
Session 6 11:30-12:30 Space Weather Support to the U.S. Space Force (Panel Discussion)
Panel Chair: Dr. Joel Mozer (USSF, Chief Scientist)
Panelists: Kevin Scro (USSF/SMC), Mike Farrar (USAF/A3W), Jonah Colman (AFRL)
LUNCH 12:30-13:30  
Session 7 13:30-14:30 Space Environment Impacts / Energetic Charged Particles (Invited Talks)
Ralph Stoffler (Raytheon) - Space Weather Environmental Impacts: A Commercial Perspective
Robyn Millan (Dartmouth) - Potential of Small Satellites for Space Weather
Paul O'Brien (Aerospace) - An Automated Decision Tool for Preliminary Assessment of the Relevance of the Space Environment to a Satellite Anomaly.
Justin Likar (APL) - Space Weather and Climatology Risks to Spacecraft Operations
Session 8 14:30-15:10 Space Weather Operations to Research (Lightning Talks)
  • George Ho (APL) – Energetic Particle Measurements for Lunar Orbit Environment
  • 1st Lt. Sophia G Schwalbe (USAF) – Using Ionospheric Models for Extreme Phenomena
  • Yousaff Butt (NGA) – Need for Earlier Warning of Earth Directed CMEs
  • Paul Straus (Aerospace) – Validation of COSMIC-2 Space Weather Science Products
  • Tzu-Wei Fang (NOAA SWPC) – the Ionosphere and Thermosphere Forecast at NOAA/SWPC
  • Alexander Boyd (Aerospace) - As the sun turns: Long-term probabilistic Forecasting of the GEO electron environment
  • Eftyhia Zesta (NASA) – Heating and cooling times of the upper atmosphere during storms